Typical Hunt Itinerary

Typical Hunt Itinerary

Your typical hunt itinerary starts with your arrival at our lodge sometime after 3:oo PM the day before your first hunting day. We will complete your registration; help you settle into the lodge; and set your weapon sights while shooting some practice rounds at the MVW rifle/archery range. After dinner you’ll meet your guide and strategize for the morning’s hunt.

Hunting Days

We use the following schedule to maximize the time you spend hunting; however, there is plenty of flexibility for anyone whose needs it doesn’t suit.

5:00 AM Wake up
5:30 AM Light breakfast
6:00 AM Leave for morning hunt
11:00 AM Head in for lunch or have a sack-lunch at your hunting stand
1:00 PM Leave for afternoon hunt
6:00 PM Head in for dinner
7:00 PM Socialize and rest


Please plan to depart MVW by 9:00 AM the morning after your last hunting day.  

Transportation arrangements can be made to nearby airports on your arrival and departure days.